GameMaker Studio new Collision Detection issues

GameMaker Studio new Collision Detection issues

The new 2022.1 GameMaker Studio version introduced a new Collision Detection system. It fixes some issues while breaking lots of things that were working just fine with the previous one. The old system used exclusive and rounded coordinates for bounding boxes. For example, the bounding box for a 16×16 collision mask would be generated from…

Screen Tearing / Wavy Effect in GameMaker Studio 2 (using Surfaces)

After playing Environmental Station Alpha, I decided I wanted to implement the screen tearing effect Hempuli is using in his game. I didn’t know how he achieved it so I had to start from scratch and think about different approaches. Knowing nothing about shaders, I was left with surfaces. I jotted down some code and…

Guide to develop low resolution 2D platformers with smooth movement and pixel perfect collisions in GameMaker Studio 2 (with slopes)

This guide explores the ins and outs of making low resolution 2D Platformers with both pixel perfect, precise collisions (with slopes) and sub-pixel, smooth sprite movements. Turns out you CAN have smooth low res graphics.