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There are lots of interesting channels on YouTube that show you how to build wonderful projects using GameMaker Studio 2.

Choosing among all those videos might feel overwhelming, so I made a list of peculiar series that you might want to watch from start to finish.

Each series is around 8 hours long so there’s a lot of stuff to learn. Some are basic whilst others are a little bit more advanced. There’s lots of interesting stuff!

2D Hack-n-Slash Course – HeartBeast

HeartBeast aka Benjamin Anderson is one of the best GameMaker teachers out there. He made a bunch of paid courses on UDemy (great stuff!) and published a book about GML. This series is a complete, free course for beginners.

Farming RPG Tutorial: GMS2

FriendlyCosmonaut made a slightly more advanced series about making a farming RPG game. It’s packed full of data structures and advanced concepts. Personally, I learned a lot from this.

GameMaker Studio 2 – Complete Platformer

Shaun Spalding takes you from nothing to a complete and polished platformer game. Lots of content here as well. This is quality stuff coming straight from the ex community manager of YOYO Games (the creators of GameMaker).

Legacy of the Wizard Tutorial

TheRealZen00 is making something different. He’s trying to recreate a classic game from the NES. He has a very nice approach, covering all major concepts without doing all the tedious coding on-screen. It’s quite effective if you’re already somewhat familiar with GML basics.

Retro Game Remakes

Michael Dailly created Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings in his time at DMA Design. He’s now Head of Development at YoYo Games. Sometimes he posts videos where he remakes old classics in GameMaker Studio 2. Check out his channel but do not expect courses. You’ll watch him work and make his magic; if you learn something from it, that’s great but these are not tutorials, strictly speaking… they’re more like “development sessions”. I really like them. You get the answers to the question “what would Mike do?“.

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  1. Hi there. Don’t know if you’re aware but the Gloomy Toad channel has been shut down and none of the videos are available any more. It’s a real shame as his tutorials were pretty good.


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