2D Platformer in GameMaker Studio 2

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  1. Very well written tutorial. In the info box at the top you mention that an updated 2.3+ compatible update s in the works. Is this still in process?

    1. Thank you, Chris. Unfortunately I am unable to update the tutorials for the foreseeable future. I’ve been unable to update this blog for months and I put all my gamedev project on hiatus. In GMS 2.3+ each script should become a function and then they work in a very similar way; someone in the comments confirmed that little work is needed to make them work. Importing the final project in the latest post of the series should trigger a conversion, from there you should do a little cleanup and refactor (to your liking) and you shuold be ready to go. As of now I don’t know when I will be able to come back to game dev or blogging 🙁

    2. I’ve updated the warning box. Downloading and importing the project will trigger a conversion in the new IDE. The project should run just fine from there.

  2. Hi! Sorry to bother you but I have a question?
    I followed the tutorial exactly but I’m running into a problem where the player character gets stuck on the right side of walls? But not the left side of walls? It’ll just get stuck on the wall and stop falling, and I can’t jump either until I come off of the wall. And again, this only happens on the right side of walls, so I’m a little confused. Again, sorry for the bother! Thank you in advance.

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