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  1. This is a great article. I was just looking into was resolution I should set my game at that is 16 x 16 pixel art. I think I too am going to try 384 x 216. I was going with 384 x 240 but after a while noticed I had some pixel stretching going on when scaled to 16:9 1080P monitor. Then I thought maybe 512 x 288, which scales great but is a little too much screen real estate to fill in with tiles.

    384 x 216 seems like the sweet spot but that half a tile extra might drive me nuts! I guess just fill it in with tiles half on and off screen?

    1. The extra 8 pixels issue can be easily managed.
      Half tile on top or bottom might be the best solution.
      Or maybe you could try using smaller tiles here and there to fill the spaces (I have 16×16 tiles and many 8×8 to give the game a bit of variety).

      I use a 8×8 grid size with both 16px and 8px tiles.

      16x16 Tiles with 8x8 Tiles

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