Free GameMaker Platfomer Tutorial Soon

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I’m working on a free basic platformer tutorial. I’ll post a youtube video and a blog post as soon as I manage to complete it, edit the video and voice-over it. For this project I’ll be using freely available tiles and sprites:

I’ve just made some minor edits to the player sprite to allow up/down aiming and two different jump styles so I can work a little with the physics. I’ll talk about basic world design and very basic camera movement/confinement. Here’s a very early prototype I put together last Sunday evening.


I’ll release the code for free along with the video tutorial and the blog article. Of course if you want to help, check out my ko-fi page and support my projects; otherwise just enjoy and leave a comment!

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4 thoughts on “Free GameMaker Platfomer Tutorial Soon”

    • I’m terribly sorry but due to unforeseeable life events, I put this (and other game dev related projects) on hold.

      As of today I’m still unable to predict if and when I will be able to post meaningful content, be it written, video or any other kind of project 🙁


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