Moving Blocks – Platformer Engine Updates

Here’s a small gif showing what I’m working on. It’s about pushing and carrying movable objects (which in turn can move and carry other movables).

Yellow blocks are “one-way-glued”

The coming article will explore a fundamental concept of programming: recursion. Due to its length and complexity, it’s going to take a while for me to publish it. It’s code is not among the most readable as well but I’ll try to write it as clear as possible.

As you might notice from the above gif, there are some blocks with a yellow border. Those blocks are sticky and if the underlying block cannot carry them, they stop the carrier’s movement as well. This doesn’t mean that you cannot move them directly though. I might change this behavior to make them “fully glued“. We’ll see.

I’m actively working to support slopes as well but this will increase the difficulty a bit. Stay tuned 🙂

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