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As some of you might know, I own no desktop computer; just a 5 years old notebook. It can look impressive when used with my two external monitors but the reality is that newer software like GameMaker Studio 2 doesn’t exactly run smoothly.

I don’t play games, so the integrated Intel GPU wouldn’t be much of a problem if it wasn’t for the extreme overheating that sometimes shuts down the notebook altogether. Also the current battery cannot be replaced, the power DC jack is coming off and Samsung doesn’t offer much support for it (they actually stopped selling computers in Europe shortly after I bought mine).

I managed to keep working with it but as my projects evolve, I feel the need for a more robust, modern solution. I’m not looking to waste money on useless, fancy hardware.

I’ll stick with another 13″ notebook (the Dell XPS 13 or whatever similar notebook will be available at the time). A decent, portable and durable machine to get the job done. That is to develop games with GameMaker Studio 2, write (either my book or my articles) and eventually compose music with FL Studio (again, the integrated music card and a pair of earbuds is more than enough for me).

You can improve the way I work on my projects. A one-time one-dollar donation is enough to make my life easier so, if you feel like helping, thank you!

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